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I have now been writing online for exactly 3 months. I started my blog on October 14th and have increased the rhythm at which I post regularly. Starting with only one post a week, I quickly went up to 4 posts a week and since January 1st, I have been posting every single day. For now, I have been posting 4 times on my blog and Medium and an extra 3 times on Medium exclusively

I plan on publishing my posts from my blog not yet transferred on Medium in the following weeks.

This has rendered finding topics harder as I don’t have anymore the 3 days of “rest” (during which I still wrote but didn’t post) that also allowed me to think calmly about future topics.

This being said, the reason why I have decided since January 1st to write more and more is not only that I have taken a real liking at writing, but also that I have observed posts from people who have finished a one-year writing challenge.

Those people’s posts were both insightful and inspiring and I, too, would like to see my understanding of myself and the world evolve.

The work I have done on myself recently has already started having an incredible impact on my general mood and opinion on life. So just imagining this simple task of writing making an even bigger impact on my view on myself and the world seems almost preposterous.

This being said, if there’s one thing I have seen have an enormous impact on me, it is being positive and open-minded.

For this reason, I plan on doing just so and see where it brings me. It may be simply an “updated” version of myself or it could be a totally “new” me once again.

Now. This clearly won’t be a simple process and it needs to be prepared, analyzed and organized. Tackling an article a day is not simple and keeping it in the rather long run that is a year will demand hard work and giving up some things from time to time.

Yet, luckily, I have always been rather organized and the recent months have allowed me to be even more so.

Furthermore, I do not wish to reduce each article a day to a simple 200 words or so. I want to keep the length of my articles free of limits but with at least 1 or 2 posts a week a bit larger than the rest (going to 700 words or so hopefully).

For the remaining of this week, I will keep the normal schedule of topics and have “random” articles based on my mood on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. However, I will need to stick to a rather strict schedule if I want to avoid wasting time choosing a topic every morning.

Luckily I will have a long flight home on Thursday so this seems like an almost too perfect opportunity to do so. I may just make the process of this organization another post if it ends up being something that could interest anybody out there.

I have been hesitating officially announcing this challenge in the fear that I may fail. But I believe that one of the reasons I went into writing online was to share so it would be a shame not to record this experience.

I apologize for the ramble and will give myself one single simple advice:

Make the best of this experience now. As there is no time better than now.

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