1-Year Writing Challenge: Eight Months in

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And we’re back for another check-in.

Eight months have passed since I started posting daily (on my blog) but it feels like yesterday. Yet, at the same time, when I look at articles I wrote in January, I now somehow get how I ended up with no one reading. My articles felt extremely self-centered and didn’t clearly put forward my wish to share and help.

This month has seen some unexpected turn and events in my personal life but I have observed the capacity to adapt through it and still write when I can in order to stay consistent.

Anyway, enough wobbling. Let’s dive right into things.

1. Positive Aspects

Still continuing the trend from last, I am getting more and more curated and, as such, readership. I am also starting to find a clearer voice for myself.

The thoughts I write are also starting to become a real part of me and are not just ideas/beliefs I realize I have when writing, they really shape the way I react to the world around me.

In debates with people, I can now call upon those instead of remembering when I’m alone and think “Shoot, I should have said that.” (Although I’ll admit, I don’t say “shoot”)

I read 2 books and a half:

  1. The 5 A.M Club, by Robin Sharma, was simply incredible. While I’ve found difficulties in switching fully to waking up at 5 a.m. so far, the book is written in a way that hooks you, as a story of two people on an unexpected journey of self-improvement with a tycoon. I devoured it.
  2. How we Learn, by Benedict Carey, started with a whole lot of things I already knew about learning thanks to my study of languages but then went on deeper and with some interesting insights which got me interested in a challenge for myself (more on that in later months)
  3. Born For This. How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do, by Chris Guillebeau, which has proven to be quite interesting although not life-changing. I do feel the last chapters should be more insightful though, so let’s not lose faith in it.

I’ve become somehow skilled at scheduling articles as, despite a total of 10 days (!) not writing this month, I could still keep my goal of posting daily.

2. Negative Aspects

Well, I’ll have to start with those 10 days I guess.

I had a rough start of the month, with many things happening around and a sudden goal of running a marathon which somehow took over writing until I realized it.

However, it is more this end of the month which has been hard as I suddenly came back home for personal reasons and didn’t write for the whole “workweek”. Luckily I had spent the previous weekend with myself, writing articles so that covered that I guess.

I didn’t really push forward my articles despite wanting to. This means I am still pretty much relying on luck to get my articles viewed.

Finally, while I did comment a few days in a row on other articles, I ended up stopping. The reason was that I wanted my comments to be perfect. I do know this is stupid at best, so I’ll try again this month.

3. Goals for September

As mentioned above, I’ve come back to France for the time being. I’ll be here until mid-October and working Japanese hours (meaning starting my “day” at maximum 3:30 a.m.). This means I won’t have the time to write before work.

This might be the toughest challenge I’ll face in this year so I’ll need to find a way to organize myself accordingly.

I did accomplish 3 of my 5 goals from last month (read 2 books, get out of bed quickly, continue to enjoy writing) so I guess better than nothing but I’ll try to do even better this month!

Here are the ones for September:

  • Set a schedule to write my articles daily from France
  • Read a minimum of 3 books
  • Comment on at least 2 articles a day (or a total of 14 comments in a week)
  • Do one course on LinkedIn Learning
  • And again: Continue enjoying writing!

In a nutshell, August’s been a mess but September might turn out to be even more so. I’ll do my best to not fall behind and keep improving!

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Polyglot speaking 6 languages. Writer. Helping the world to learn languages and become more understanding of others. Say hi → https://linktr.ee/MathiasBarra

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