5 Hidden Gems You Need to Visit in Japan

Experiencing Japan isn’t about the main touristic spots.

1. 等持院 (Toji-in temple) — Kyoto

Picture by Author on a cloudy day

2. Yūtoku Inari Shrine (祐徳稲荷神社) — Kashima

Pictures by Author on another cloudy day

3. Hokokuji Temple (報国寺) — Kamakura

Pictures by Author on a rare sunny day
Picture by Author, regretting he went in January when the trees don’t have leaves

4. Mount Sekiro (石老山) — Sagami

Pictures by the Author, on a day barely cloudy enough to hide Mount Fuji
Picture of the wilderness in the mountain, By Author

5. Nezu Museum (根津美術館) — Tokyo

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