Different paths but one common goal

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For the untrained eye, polyglots all look alike. They speak “many” languages and that’s it. The reality is quite different. There are 3 kinds of polyglots who follow different patterns but follow the same goal: gather knowledge in multiple languages.

1. The Language Family-focused polyglot

The first one, and most often found around the world…

“There is no change without sacrifice.” — Gloria Allred

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Since I discovered self-improvement in 2018, I’ve never looked back. Well, that’s not true. I have looked back for two reasons:

  • Understanding myself more to prepare for a better future.
  • Wondering how I survived that long with the way I was living.

Despite having lived a comfortable childhood, I felt…

So you can get back to enjoying the journey as soon as possible

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Most of my friends who gave up on learning a foreign language did it because it became too boring or because they stopped for a while and lost their motivation.

I’ve also given up on many languages, quite a few of them due to a lack of motivation too. I’ve…

The Alright Writer

Bring your articles to the next level without having to dread the process

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I used to think writing researched articles was like writing a thesis. I pushed it back like I crammed my thesis into three weeks 6 years ago. I now love doing it.

Researched articles are great because your words have more weight. Each word carries the resources you’ve referenced as…

Stop trying to find what nobody wants

Tagosaku, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

I used to think good writers came up with never-heard-of ideas combined into innovative formats.

Sometimes I think I was dumb for thinking that. Then I remind myself it’s because I hadn’t thought of it enough. …

You control your own path.

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Ock Joo Hyun was among the most famous K-Pop stars in Korea in 2005.

For this reason, her announcement she’d leave the music industry to dive into musical theater, a much smaller branch, shocked everyone.

Korea already had amazing singers 20 years ago. Before Gangnam Style took over the world…

The Alright Writer

And make writing a habit you’ll never give up

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I published articles daily for the entirety of 2019. Instead of making me burn out, that challenge set the stage for my next writing level.

Many new writers wonder how many articles and how often they should publish before writing turns into a real habit. Searching for a good answer…

But it doesn’t mean you should choose the first option

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I feel like scum every other day.

On these days, I wonder why I even try. I ask myself why I failed so much. I try to guess how much more I’ll mess up today. I’ll wonder why I keep feeling so bad. …

Four reasons to improve without the stress of other people

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It sometimes feels like every polyglot has their own YouTube channel where they show off how good they are.

Many of my friends have asked me why I didn’t start one. After all, I’ve written a lot about it and speak enough languages to do it. The answer, for now…

Become proud of your quirkiness, no matter what people tell you

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Society can be ruthless.

People make fun of you. They rarely notice when they say something truly hurtful. As a protective method, many turn to hiding what they actually think and say what seems to be the “right” answer.

I used to be one of those, afraid of showing who…

Mathias Barra

French polyglot speaking 6 languages. Writer. Helping you learn languages. Get my new ebook → https://linktr.ee/MathiasBarra

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