Languages are like music.

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The most important word in the above is the word “feel”. A language should not be spoken while thinking of the grammar rules too much.

Do you think of your language’s grammar patterns where you are telling your friends that you went skiing for instance? Not really I suppose.

Well, you this is proof that the language is inside you and that you have absorbed it through years and years of hearing and practicing it. You’ve now assimilated it so much that without any proper concentration you can reproduce the language.

In order to improve one’s language skill up above a certain point, there is a need to start going away from rules and grammar in order to make it natural.

Obviously, this is not a simple task and no exact plan per se can allow you to one day wake up feeling fluent in language X.

Yet, just like learning an instrument, with regular, daily study of it, having it in a corner of your mind even when not practicing, you can start to make sounds that make sense.

Have you ever listened to a song that you just discovered and just kept on starting it again and again? I know I have. Numerous times and I am even doing it while writing this piece.

This is rather similar to learning a language as you after many times, the music starts flowing through your body without effort and even taking notice. I just noticed recently that the above-mentioned song I listen to almost daily always makes my body move in a certain way in rhythm with the music.

Now, this clearly doesn’t mean I’d be able to imitate the music itself but this is a beginning and with enough repetition, if I were to start trying to do it, I suppose I could sing the lyrics and do the piano part after a while (despite not knowing how to play Piano currently). This always comes down to practice.

With good practice, the language’s music will flow out of you naturally and the pleasure of speaking a new language will just make you want to continue improving.

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