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I believe that pretty much anything in life is driven by inspiration.

Every decision we make to strive for the better is due to having been inspired by someone or something. We often forget that inspiration doesn’t have to come from a physical person so we end up ignoring many of the signs which come just from a single thing. In this piece though, I’d like to focus on the inspiration between people.

In the recent months, I have read, watched, heard so many people whose main goal is to inspire. Tom Bilyeu and his interviews, Gary Vee, Mel Robbins are among those even though there are many more.

Being inspired to do more is a great feeling that we should all experience as much as possible. This being said, there are those who, without really realizing it, inspire us more than anybody else.

Have you ever had an interview during which you got the following standard question: “who is the person that has inspired you?

The usual answer ends up being someone famous like Steve Jobs, Barack Obama or Bill Gates. This stems from the known and documented results of their lives. We known they have “succeeded” and as such they “should” be looked up to.

While I do think the all the stated above are impressive men, and there are things to take away from them, I believe the inspiration received doesn’t even come close to exchanging with someone directly and feeling their opinions and experiences.

The person I have been looking up to for close to 10 years is the Founder of TalkToMeInKorean, Hyunwoo Sun. Speaking many languages and having a passion for teaching languages, he quit Google years ago to dive into his project of teaching Korean online which he had started a little while before.

He further created occasions for learners of any language to meet up in a cafe often. This is where I met him in person in 2012. Him being so easy to access and talk to impressed and inspired me to improve, not only in Korean but it was also the first time I started thinking more seriously about my will to share my love for languages.

Another example is a very close friend of mine who lives in Japan also inspires me to do more when I meet him for coffee once every other week, especially since he started his own company last year while keeping many other activities going strong.

Nowadays, I often start talking about the improvements I have noticed in my life and whilst not every single interlocutor is thrilled, I have observed some of the people around me being excited for me and even sometimes inspired by my actions.

This has made me realize the following:

Seeing the people around you improve, discover more and evolve as a whole will bring you such a pleasure that you will just want to do it more and more.

Inspiration works like a boomerang. Throw it out and it’ll come back to you fast and strong, having taken speed along the way.

Some people say “Sharing is Caring”, but I believe the action of sharing is simply being. We are who we are thanks to the people around us. If we surround ourselves with the right people, no ceiling will ever stop us.

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