For years, I’ve often given myself compliments while talking to my close ones and usually get a question similar to the following one:

Did you just compliment yourself?

And my usual answer has never changed:

Well if nobody is going to do, I might as well do it myself.

This has always been a joke I enjoyed doing and that has always lightened the air a bit.

However, in my quest for self-improvement in the past 6 months, I have come across many texts or speeches about positive self-talk, the action of uplifting one’s spirit, in the morning for instance, by telling oneself positive things about them in the mirror.

Thinking about it has made me realize the importance of such an action and how, despite me looking down on it for a long time, I have been doing it even more openly that has been advised online.

The smile caused by that silly answer I would give has provided me repeatedly with pleasure and a lightened heart.

One example is the following: I’ve been studying languages for a long time and as a result, I have learned how to be efficient in my study plan. As a result, I have been presented a number of times as “the language guy” or the “guy who speaks Japanese, Chinese and Korean”. To such a fact, I usually complete the person with “Well, obviously French, English and Spanish. Oh, and also I dabble in about 6–7 other languages I guess.” While this being true, this can be seen as bragging but it also serves as a reminder to myself of the work put in all those languages.

Reminding yourself of the successes you have achieved is a sure way to keep your motivation high in hard times, so congratulate and compliment yourself regularly. Whether in front of others or not, the results will show over time in your overall confidence!

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