Don’t you want to be happy?

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Gary Vee always starts his vlogs on YouTube with the following sentence:

This may be the most interesting piece of advice he’s ever said. Because yes. It all boils down to how happy you are and want to be. I hear that sentence in my head at least a dozen times a day.

It doesn’t matter where you come from, what you have accomplished or not, what life you’ve lived or will live. If you’re not happy, then there’s not point in any of it.

How many celebrities died of a overdose or killed themselves? To damn many, that’s for sure. Despite looking like living “the life”, they were not happy with themselves and ended up, willingly or not, destroying their lives.

On the contrary, how many stories of someone barely surviving but being happy? Probably a lot but definitively not enough. There are some everywhere and yet we ignore the many proofs that “success” and “wealth” cannot create happiness.

It all comes down to happiness. Focus on what makes you happy and you’ll get there.

Gary Vee is often wrongly interpreted as someone saying to not rest and hustle day after day. Yet, he insists on the importance of doing so IF you’re unhappy and want to change things. This is often overlooked despite him putting an emphasis on it.

For him, the happiness he gets is from building companies. But yours may be in playing an instrument, running or learning languages. Whatever you find it to be, spend time on it. Remember that everything is fickle so you will need to keep on making the thing you love evolve.

What makes you happy now is important but staying put and not evolving with it will make you lose it.

We’ve all been happy in the past. Yet that doesn’t mean we’ve kept on being happy at all times since then. Our pleasures and happiness evolve. So saying “I just wanna be happy” doesn’t mean that you haven’t been not that you aren’t currently. It merely means that you are aware of the fact that if you do nothing, this happiness will go away.

So evolve with your happiness. This is the least you can do for yourself to be happy for the longest time.

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