Focus On Managing Your Attention More Than Your Time

“Attention is the most important ingredient we have to living a good, productive life” — Chris Bailey

A few tricks to get rid of other thoughts

The goal is to direct your attention toward one specific thing. You need to let go of the rest. I have found the below to work well for me but let me know if you have more ideas!

  • Listening to non-disturbing sounds.— Not music. Sounds. Music varies and grabs your attention. Sounds like a river or fire are consistent.
  • Put specific words on the task at hand. — If you can’t put it into words, it can’t expand and take the space in your head.
  • Accept that some thoughts will still pop. — That’s not always the case, but accepting failure before it even occurs help noticing it and let go.
  • Keep the most important task for a peak period. — Some hours of the day will be better for creative endeavors or more analytic tasks for example.

“Know that all times are not created equal” — Daniel H. Pink

Learn to manage your thoughts and turn your attention to the right thing at the right moment. Don’t let anybody tell you one is better than another. You have your own rhythm, your own style. Try things out and find what works for you.

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