How To Stop Pushing Away Learning The One Skill You Need

You need to realise a step back is needed to push you forward

If you’re reading this, you must be at least interested in the idea of creating a better self. And if you are, you’ve probably already found a whole lot of things you want to accomplish, right?

To get closer to your goals, you’ll have to go through a whole lot of different skills and experiences. Some will be easier to accomplish than others. Some won’t.

Yet there are also tons of skills which don’t align with your goals.

Why would you learn violin if you’re interested in trumpet? Why would learning coding be useful to you as a fireman? What’s the point of studying biology if you want to become a painter?

There’s clearly no point in learning those, right?

But there is also one common aspect to all those: Learning

No matter what you want to accomplish, you will have to keep on learning skills and knowledge throughout your life. And for this simple reason, you need to develop a thirst for learning and improving constantly.

Oh, it takes time to learn? I know. It’s not always fun, is it?

That’s why you first need to learn how to learn.

Just like everybody else, I’ve grown accustomed to using techniques I learned as a child. After all, if I were able to graduate and remember most of those skills, it means it somehow works, right? Also, teachers should be professionals at learning, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not entirely true.

School pushes us to learn things in a certain way which often doesn’t apply properly later in life.

The way I was taught as a child in France varies to the way you got taught in the US or in Japan or even in a different town in France.

All types of teaching will have certain aspects which may become useful in the future but nobody will learn the perfect way learn for one simple reason: we never focused on what learning is.

We spent time learning physics, philosophy, biology, a second language, and so on, and through this somehow found a pattern which seemed to work for us.

However, until we spend time researching what learning really is and how it works, we won’t understand it.

Just like we can’t understand the Pythagorean theorem before learning what a triangle is, we need to cut it in small skills and knowledge to apprehend first.

Oh, yes! You can learn without going through that hassle. But it’ll take a whole lot more time.

Sometimes, taking a step back allows you to take a few more forward.

So let’s stop trying to push our way through hassles and actually go back to where it all began: learning.

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