How To Travel and Discover Your Neighborhood

Amazing experiences don’t have to happen in a foreign land.

Photo by yue su on Unsplash

It isn’t about going far.

When we think about traveling, we always picture an exotic land, full of wonders. A place where the culture surprises us. An environment we don’t get to see often.

Traveling is about novelty.

What does going to the other side of the planet bring? The bragging bonus of saying you did it. There are some other aspects too, but what stays in our mind is what is new. What feels new.

How do you feel?

Photo by the Author, enjoying the view already seen countless times.

How to prepare for a trip within your neighborhood?

Start by opening Google Maps. Look at your already-well-known neighborhood. See? That’s the supermarket you go to. There, you can see the hairdresser and the playground next to it. Over here, the coffee shop you love.

“Le Gland Vert” means “The green glans” in French. They probably meant “grand” which means “big” instead.
  • It’s a relaxing activity good for your body.
  • It’s much cheaper than going to the other side of the world.
Photo by Author. 10 minutes away from my place and yet discovered recently.

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