Improve Your Life By Choosing To Not Make Decisions

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Day or night, we keep on making decisions every second of our waking life. It seems you made the decision to read this post. You decided to get your coffee earlier than usual. You chose to take a nap after lunch. You made the choice to react in a certain way to the mail you got earlier.

Whether you want to admit it or not, deciding is, apart from breathing I guess, the thing you do most throughout your life.

This being said, the more the day passes, the more tired you get, the more your decisions start to be lazier and lazier.

There are countless writers who write at the beginning of the day. I am one of those. But obviously there are those days where you cannot and thus it gets pushed to later during the day.

It is in those cases that starting writing gets incredibly complicated. I find ways to push it back juuuust a little more and then again and again.

What will you wear today? What do you want to eat for breakfast? Do you want to sit down in the parc you are going through on this Saturday?

We often do not even consider the above as actual decisions. They are so “simple” we end up making them on the spot based on our mood of the moment.

However, those still take place within our heads and decrease our capability to make decisions little by little.

This especially impacts hard decisions where you know you should act in a certain way but don’t really want to do so. This requires motivation and force of mind to push yourself to make the decision you know are right.

We have all pushed studying for a test in school because we didn’t want to. We would find any possible excuse to push it to a little later and just end up procrastinating.

One regular example taken to explain the importance of limiting the amount of decisions is Mark Zuckerberg and his wardrobe. He wears the same type of clothes every single day as a way to reduce the amount of decisions to do in the morning. Even if by a little.

While I do not recognise his style as a reference, the idea in itself is laudable.

I reckon instead of decreasing decisions, we should take the time to figure out which important decisions we will need to make in the incoming day or so will deserve more thoughts and pondering.

By knowing which choices will be important to you, you can make a preemptive choice to ignore smaller ones coming your way.

Let’s take choosing clothes as an example again. You could decide to organise your clothes as pile of potential outfits and then take the first one you see the next day.

Making the decision to work on yourself even in times of low motivation is much more important compared to your outfit so you should keep as much energy as possible to make the right choice when the time comes.

Again, there are countless choices to make throughout the day but, by figuring out the recurrent ones which hold little to no added value to your quality of life and deciding to stop caring about those, you can improve your overall efficiency when it comes to decision-making.

So why not make the decision of not deciding so much anymore?

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