Japan’s Inaction Against Covid-19 Will Turn Into a Slaughter

No, Japan is not succeeding in its control of Covid-19

The number of contaminated people was bound to rise.

Sure, the government acted “quickly” by closing down schools throughout the country at the end of February and advising to work from home. But the vast majority of Japanese companies refuse this right to their employees. The result? Trains still packed in the morning, spreading the disease day after day.

The Japanese population is at risk

In 2018, senior citizens accounted for 28.4% of the Japanese population. It’s growing every year so we might even be at 30% now. Either way, that represents more than 35 million people with a high probability of not surviving the virus.

There is still some hope

On March 27th, the Governor of Tokyo, Yuriko Koike, asked Tokyoites to stay inside for the weekend and avoid going out. I happened to go walk around my flat with a friend staying over and saw some restaurants closed for the weekend. It was the first real impact (apart from schools) I noticed in daily life.

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