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Just coming back yesterday to Japan and having slept only a little bit on my way back, I am currently extremely jet-laged. Like anybody else, I thus need to adapt my body again to the Japanese timezone.

It has thus made me think about being jet-laged and I think this is a good metaphor for life.

In order to adapt to a new timezone, we need to make adjustments which are hard at the beginning, such as sleeping while not being tired at all or stay awake for a long time while being extremely sleepy.

This adjustment is physically complicated to put in place but then the body learns naturally little by little before the new timezone becomes part of you.

In life, many things happen around us and changes are happening constantly around us.

While not always easy, in order to become a better, happy, person, we sometimes need to make some hard choices.

Those then gradually become easier and our body and mind adapt to the new standard set.

While it may feel like we don’t need to adapt, it is important to do so if we want to find that better version of ourselves.

A life without improvement is damned to become boring after a while. For such reason, we often try to modify small aspects here or there.

However, I believe that for us to really become fulfilled, we sometimes need to make some major changes to be able to tweak our life in the right direction.

Last year I decided to wake up early and while extremely difficult at the beginning, with me ending up falling asleep numerous times throughout the day, my body got used to it and it now isn’t difficult and the moment I wake up is a sort of alarm to let me know “time to get to it”. (Unfortunately, today is not a good example of this though.)

So try to make one major adjustment in your life and force yourself to get used to it.

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