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Starting to learn a new language is not easy. Starting to learn your very first one is on an even further scale.

Luckily, our friend Google is always here, full of interesting information to teach us through countless websites in any language we can think of.

Isn’t that convenient and beautiful?

If you answered yes, well, sorry to let you know you’ve fallen into our most common enemy: procrastination.

We are all well-aware we procrastinate daily.

How about a quick jump on Instagram?
How about a nice smoke before I start?
One last episode and then I’ll get to it.

But there are also many times we do not even realize we are procrastinating. Searching for a way to improve our study system, new resources, a potential partner for a task, a place to practice.

While those can definitely be of use and should be done from time to time, there are those times when we will keep on looking for more information for hours on end.

Procrastinating cannot be constantly avoided, but the problem with this second type of procrastination is the fact that we do not even realize we are doing it. Because of this, we keep on doing it and end up not having the time to proceed with our learning.

Researching the best way to improve, to learn is laudable of course. But it shouldn’t block you from actually execute what you set out for.

Learning takes time and whatever you read now may not fit your study personality, your schedule or your habits in general.

Some, you will know in an instant. Some others, you cannot know until you try them.

When you aren’t sure if a certain study method fits you or not, just try it out!

Learning languages is not a race, so take a month, two, or even maybe more, to give a go to the new method you have found. You can make your mind on your own through practice and error.

It will be much more efficient than reading articles and articles online about potential methods. Even if it doesn’t fit your personality, you will have continued your learning journey and will remember parts of it.

I have been subject to this mistake countless times and just thinking about the time lost in reading online articles saying the same thing with a slightly different angle makes me regret.

Obviously, I am not advising to not do any research on learning methodology prior to proceeding. It is an important step to make sure your studies will be sailing along for the years to come.

But it is also crucial to try, to dive in your studies as soon as you have even a tiny idea of how to proceed.

In any case, your learning method will evolve with time along with your level. I used to preach for Anki and other SRSs while I now only rarely, and for very specific purposes, use those.

Stop looking at your map of the journey and set sail now to enjoy it and discover so much so soon!

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