Know Where You Come From to Go Forward

A few months ago, I wrote my goals for life following the advice from “the 7 Habits of Effective People”. This changed drastically my outlook on life.

Among others, one of the aspects on which I decided to dive deeper in was my impact and implication in my family. Having finally taken the habit of writing regularly, I decided to copy what my mother had been doing for the past one or two years: write a simple biography. My grandmother being the only grandparent left in my family, my mother’s work is mostly focused around her.

On my side, I decided to write an account of both my parents from what I have learned directly from them and from around, as well as using my brother and my own view.

In doing this, I not only hope to keep an undying memory of my parents and family while making my parents happy to have a memento, I believe this will also allow myself to learn from what has been experienced by the family as a whole.

Life is a long experience that you should be able to transfer to someone so that what you have learned can be used again and allow another to live a better life.

This doesn’t mean W or X’s life is better than Y or Z’s. Each life is different but also interconnected and lessons learned by one will serve some others in a certain form.

I just had a one hour and a half long conversation with my parents about their lives. This was a precious experience, not planned, which incited my to write this article. While some stories should not be shared with others, what I heard allowed me to understand more actions from my parents while connecting some of my traits which I didn’t know I had in common with my parents.

This theory of looking back doesn’t only apply to family.

It is only by looking at what you have been doing, at what you appreciated, disliked, what puzzled you, etc. that you can analyze your life and learn more about yourself.

This, in turn, will allow you to understand where you plan on going and have a clearer picture of the why.

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