Let Me Make You Accept Your Ideas As They Are

You’re no better than the rest, but…

timelapse photo of people passing the street
timelapse photo of people passing the street

… You are different.

You are “normal”. Your ideas are “normal”. You deserve “normal” reactions.

Accept it. You’re not that special. Nor am I. Neither are the people we’re looking up to.

But they keep on doing unbelievable things!

Well, first, if they happened already, you better believe them. But you know what? If they happened, that also means they were possible in the first place.

Every action and result we see in the world is true due to its very existence. Yet, we observe greats things and believe they were impossible.

Why would they, though? Nobody would ever try something completely impossible after all.

Would you try to stay underwater without air for an hour? Doubt it. Would you try to write a 1 billion-word book in one go? For your own mental state, I hope not. (FYI, the longest book in the world appears to be “only” about 3 million words!)

Everything we see was started from a very simple idea: moving forward.

You’re always moving forward

Whatever you do, you’re making a decision and acting on it. It could very much be just to not do anything, but that’s still a decision and action following.

The real question is: Are you moving forward towards what you want?

Decisions are at the center of our daily lives. Many are tiny. Most happen without us even realizing. All have an impact on our life.

Finding a goal is crucial to move forward in the right direction for us. It’s a start which impacts the following decisions we will take.

Yes, that’s how big such a decision is.

However, we usually follow it up with decisions which can be considered rather irrational.

Careful of going for “Great” or “Incredible”

After fixing your goal, you’ll find a sudden energy pulling you, motivating you. You’ll want to succeed and put every opportunity in your corner.

After all, why wouldn’t you want to succeed quickly now that you know what you intrinsically need?

This causes us to try to go for ideas outside of our reach now.

In February, I gave myself the challenge to write a small story. I had no prior real experience and wanted to push myself to do so. Yet, I quickly realized that, back then, I was already struggling to write 500 words articles. How could I even hope of writing ten times that length!

Let me come back once more: Your long-term ideas may be great, but keep your short-term ones closer to reality.

Obviously, in order to improve, you need to push your boundaries, don’t you? So don’t settle for standard but don’t go for impossible. Find the middle.

Been there, done that

Now, one pitfall we all fall into is to believe we’re the first one.

Had a great idea? Think you’re original? Nobody’s done that before, you say? No way!

No, really, no way.

Whatever you try to do, you’re just a simple bloke. You’re not the first one who tried to be the first at X — X being that “awesome” idea you got.

Yes, maybe all before have failed. Maybe you will, too. Maybe you won’t.

Either way, your ideas may come from a different place than others but you won’t have been the first one to have them.

It’s fine though. Don’t sweat it too much. It shouldn’t make you believe you should find something else.

Here’s a piece of simple good news: You are different.

Even if your idea may not be great, may not be completely new, may have been tried before, the fact that you’ve had your own experiences in your life is your secret weapon.

Remember all those simple, “normal” ideas you’ve got?

Only you can combine them in a certain way. Your thoughts, your experiences, your ideas, they may each have existed for some others but you are the only one with that exact combination.

So just combine them simply, find that tiny thing which will differentiate you. Yes, you might not be doing something great, but that’s now just a matter of time before it all merges into becoming incredible.

Polyglot speaking 6 languages. Writer. Helping the world to learn languages and become more understanding of others. Say hi → https://linktr.ee/MathiasBarra

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