Pleasure And Being Satisfied Are Overrated

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The vast majority of our actions is focused on reaching a certain amount of pleasure or satisfaction. We set goals, plan various things, watch certain others in order to be happy and feel a sense of pleasure.

While this makes sense in itself, the focus on that end goal is most often what we focus too much on.

The journey to get that pleasure or satisfaction is the main reason for those feelings to be present at the end of the day.

Keeping your eyes on the target is obviously crucial to not lose it and go through hard times. Yet, time after time, pleasure becomes the reason itself for the goal to exist.

This causes us to rush the journey instead of directly making it satisfying.

As mentioned once more in my post yesterday, small incremental steps are the best way to evolve, to change ourselves for the better, and eventually to reach goals we set.

All this is nice and all, but I also believe the pleasure and satisfaction received from reaching a certain goal or from the journey itself should be put aside.

Happiness is a laudable goal but true happiness comes from unexpected developments and, as such, should not even be entering your mind until it suddenly appears.

I have been spending much of my time focused on improving myself and my life in the past year. However, while there’s been amelioration in regards to my general happiness, the few times I overflew with it were when it caught me by surprise.

I just went on a small weekend with about dozens of friends and ended up happily finding myself overtaken by pleasure through simple fun practices we had yesterday. Between the bonfire I didn’t expect, the water fight I got caught up into by having a bottle emptied on my head out of the blue, many small surprising situations allowed me to find pleasure in that trip.

It is also of great importance to move on quickly from those feelings to give place for new experiences which will contribute to varying your life.

Disappointment, anger, sadness and other less pleasant feelings which we constantly try to avoid are also reasons for us to be able to appreciate the rest even more.

Happiness can only exist if the other way around also does so why not give a go and be thankful for your negative feelings?

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