Positivity is Just a Skill. Nothing More

Nobody was born positive and that’s a good thing.

It’s incredible how we often instantly categorize people as optimist or pessimist.

A simple reply to a certain statement and we’re set in a small box.

When looking at a glass with half the water left, you can say it’s half-full or half-empty. Which is right? Both obviously.

We all know both ways of saying and yet, we all have one of the two answers which will come straight away.

Optimism is a term to forget

To be an optimist is a characteristic of character but, in reality, the word comes from the Latin “Optimum” which means “the best thing of all”.

Optimism is thus only focusing on the best.

The world, however, will never be “the best”. It will always have things to improve and as such a person who is an optimist is forgetting the negative part of the world.

If there was no negative, no hardships, our lives would be dull! Nothing to improve would mean constant disinterest by all of us.

If we should forget the word “optimism”, what could replace it?

Positivity is the way to go

To be positive is a way of living. If you’re positive, you’re looking ahead, trying to improve things and focusing on the bright side of things.

Does this mean we have to be born that way?

Of course not. So let’s look at where it comes from again.

It originates from the Old French “positif” or Latin “positivus” which meant “to lay down” something in the law and later gave birth to the meaning “certain”.

Is to be positive to be certain then?

Well in a way, yes.

I see positivity as a mindset of being certain that things can always be better.

If it’s a mindset. It can be built

One of the core concepts to remember for anybody is that we are not set in stone. We can improve and change. Whatever we know and believe now can be upgraded tomorrow with the right tools.

The Growth Mindset, as described by Carol Dweck, is to believe your abilities and intelligence can be developed with effort, learning, and persistence.

On the contrary to your height which you can control off your own will, you can decide to become a positive person.

Like any other skill, it will take time.

Like any other skill, it will be hard to put in place.

Your old habit of looking negatively at some things will keep on reappearing.

Until you’ve practiced that skill enough.

This means you need to willingly interrupt your negative thoughts and turn them into positive ones.

You’ll need to focus on the bright side of things so you can get a hold of that great new skill on your belt: positivity.

The difference you’ll have with “being an optimist”, is just that you’ll be aware of the negative. Just focusing on what truly matters. Making tomorrow a better day.

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