Since I was a child, I have always like games and despite periods during which I almost didn’t play, I’ve always kept an eye on games coming out.

In about 2010 though, I tried completely stopping as I had realized this was more or less time “badly” spent. One game in particular that my best friends told me to play all the time back then was “League of Legends”. I resisted for about 2 years before starting playing in the end of 2012. I played it extensively after starting and while I now only rarely play this one, I still follow the evolution of the game and especially the World Championship. The creators of the game have always tried to create mind-blowing music videos for it.

2018’s official music was called “Rise” and has been a good music to motivate myself whenever I was losing the thirst for more.

The chorus is as below:

Prove yourself and
Make ’em remember you
Push through hell and
They will remember you

For the past few months I have listened to a lot of motivational videos but for someone living his life through music like me, always looking for a music fitting X or Y situation I am at, this one fit perfectly.

If you know your goal and keep your eyes on it, then nothing can stop you. Giving up should not be among the options you give yourself and if you never forget this, you can then be sure that people will remember you and the results you will achieve.

This also brings to mind another song, “Warriors” from the 2014 World Championship which starts as follow:

As a child you would wait
And watch from far away
But you always knew that you’d be the one
That work while they all play

This fits perfectly the state of mind I have put myself into. No matter what other people do or think, knowing what I want and where it will bring me great satisfaction and no regret for spending time working while others play.

If you want to better yourself, then forget others and work tirelessly until you rise above all.

Because as goes the 2017’s World Championship’s song:

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