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I have been writing for the past 7–8 months and published daily for the past 5 months. However, as mentioned in a previous article, I took about a week off to show around Paris. I have now come back to Japan and am getting back into a proper rhythm little by little.

This being said, I somehow feel different in regards to the experience of writing itself. The thirst for sharing is now overflowing and this has made me realize writing has become an obsession.

I just started watching an interview with Brendon Burchard in which he insists on the advantages of becoming obsessed.

According to him, the difference between being passionate and obsessed is how far you are willing to go. Being passionate is seen as a positive thing, providing us with the support of others while obsession will most of the times bring us reactions such as:

“Why you gotta be like this?”

Obsession is looked down upon, seen as a feeling which will eat us alive and destroy us eventually. Other people cannot compute why this is so important for you. Why you are willing to hurt yourself for said goal or action.

Brendon Burchard said the below quote which really resonated with me:

This reminded me of the reactions I first got when I started being obsessed with languages. Nobody around me could understand how important learning new languages was. The fact that after just two weeks of an absence of study of languages, I would become horrible to be around simply made no sense. The reason was simple: I had an obsession to improve.

It still doesn’t to many of the people around me but people have now accepted this “crazy” part of me. Writing is still relatively new to me which explains why I still get many comments from friends or family like:

“Isn’t it ok to just skip a day?”

But it isn’t.

The pleasure of sharing, contributing to the world — even in a tiny manner such as publishing less than 1 000 words articles — is incommensurable.

An obsession is driving me to get better, to share, to act daily.

Furthermore, just like languages, this thirst for writing is becoming an integral part of me. It shapes my life, pushes me to observe the world in more details, to accept my flaws and work on them.

The positivity I take away from the journey itself is allowing the pain of difficult days to be a driver for more action the next one. And then the next and so on.

Writing is such a simple task in itself, isn’t it?

We learn to write when we are children but then forget its importance and how it shapes us as we grow older. Yet, just like a baby who grows to become an adolescent and then an adult, if you work enough on it, your writing can evolve, transform you into a better version of yourself.

I am still just a baby when it comes to writing. My style is full of mistakes, thoughts get lost or misunderstood and I struggle to impact in the long term.

But it is also slowly learning to find a way to crawl. Most of my articles get more attraction nowadays than they used to. I like to believe it is not only thanks to the topics being of more interest but also to the writing style having improved as time go by.

Until I started watching this interview with Brendon Burchard, I used to have a rather negative opinion of obsession but I now understand I have spent the past ten years living obsessed. Whether it was languages, Japan, or discovery in itself, I was always trying to improve myself somehow, even to the point of looking stupidly optimistic by many.

Writing online gives me the pressure I need to excel, to make my obsession clear to the world and evolve while being transparent.

A new — better — me is growing and I look forward to seeing it walk on its own. Even though I am very well aware I will notice the results only long after they actually appear, I am taking my time and will let life do its thing.

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