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Writing a blog online feels rather similar to having a diary open for everybody to read. This feeling itself though is rather contradictory since the whole point of a diary is to write down one’s own thoughts in a private manner, for nobody else to read nor comment on it.

It doesn’t really matter how a diary is written, due to its secrecy, the content can be about your most hidden thoughts. This is often considered as a plus since you don’t need to be afraid of any potential backlash, nor to be viewed in a certain way.

I did try to write a diary many years ago (almost 10 years ago) but unfortunately didn’t make it last long. The problem with it was that every day I wrote I couldn’t find a goal in what was being written. Obviously, it feels that there doesn’t need a goal in an every day mundane task such as writing a diary.

My current diary in itself doesn’t bring me any thing in particular, but it does allow me to remind myself of the positive aspects of my life passed and to come.

Writing online, on the contrary, cannot be entirely without a point. Any article written without a purpose makes it boring and ends up with most people stopping to read half-way through.

While this complicates the process of writing itself, it also allows to reflect further on one’s own feelings, what they mean and how to express them. As a result, the content written can become more interesting both for the people reading and for the writer as a way to know where he/she stands on X or Y topic.

Furthermore, sharing it online also allows for the probability of constructive comments and pieces of advice. This can contribute to further improvement of oneself just like any discussion could do in real life.

Not only, this also brings an outside opinion on thoughts that you have already worked on by writing the article itself. This renders the advice all the more useful since despite thinking about how and what to write, the advice received didn’t come to mind.

You have probably heard of the saying “Two minds are better than one”.

Writing online allows you to not only have two minds but a potential almost infinite amount of minds working with you, making you grow as a person more than any diary could ever do.

Finally, writing your thoughts online while being honest with yourself and the readers contributes to making you lower your guard and thus accept your fears and doubts by sharing them with the world. This way you can assimilate those and become a better person altogether.

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