Today is the last day of a week at a ski resort where I used to go every year once or twice since I was born until 4 years ago. Being here for the first time in a while has made me think a lot about my past and observe differences in my character.

One thing I have thought about especially is my ski-style.

I’ve always been a skying rather fast and I sometimes feel I am more at ease on my mini-skis than on my actual two feet. The feeling of floating over the ground, going down with a biting cold scorching my face and dragging out of one single eye a tear, while not sounding great written down, is one of my favorite of all time.

Why do I like it so much though? It clearly seems to be more painful than anything else.

Yet, after looking more closely I have noticed that it is that pain and what it represents that I appreciate. It appears to be a metaphor for my reflection on my life.

Here’s a simple breakdown to put this into perspective:

  • Floating: the idea of overlooking. I get a feeling of appreciation of what is below me, meaning what has happened to me and might happen in the future.
  • Going down: going forward and letting the past follow slowly in the form of the snow falling slowly down the mountain.
  • Biting cold scorching my face: remembering the pain experienced. Pain rarely arrives announced and the sudden cold when sliding down also ends up being a surprise half the time.
  • Dragging a tear out: letting that pain go, leave the body to let place for a happier future.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve had a rather peaceful life in comparison to many people. So my pains are certainly small jokes to some, yet they are an important part of me.

So, what is left after that single tear leaves my face? A big smile spreads from one ear to the other.

I know another tear will fly away next time and the next and the next. And I know it’ll never stop making me smile.

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