Thanks a lot for your interesting response, Lynx! Indeed it seems that Gaelic languages (both Irish and Scots) might be more complicated from the get-go. The sentence structure appears to be VSO which is much rarer than SVO or SOV. As far as I know, the only “widely-used” languages with this structure are Arabic and Tagalog — although I can’t be sure since I haven’t studied either.

I am quite surprised at your choice of “easiest” languages to learn though! French has many exceptions and uses genders. German adds the extra flavor of cases like in Latin. I love French as it is my native language and I am enjoying discovering German right now, but I wouldn’t consider either a contender for the easiest language. Or are you talking about pronunciation only? (In which case, thanks for being one of the rare learners of French not complaining about the “r” and “eu” sounds!)

I studied a bit of Norwegian a while back and, indeed, the pronunciation of Nordic languages is quite a challenge. I went to Google Translate to hear those two words you mentioned and was quite surprised by the pronunciation of kött!

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