Thanks a lot, JJ, for your kind words. Glad I could help with a recommendation! This book changed my perception of learning so I’m sure it’ll impact yours positively too.

As an adult, I learned Japanese, Korean and Chinese. My English and Spanish basics were built during school but it really is outside of it that I improved a lot. Spanish was during an internship in Spain and English was during high school, through tons of TV shows (I wrote about it in this post). I’ve dabbled in many languages but I’ve been putting some focus on Burmese for the past year or so.

My favorite would have to be Korean. Even though my “best” language is Japanese, my first trip to Asia was in Korea and probably impacted this a lot. Korean’s melodic rhythm and the culture’s middle ground between Asian and European cultures created an attraction for the country and language that has stayed for the past 10 years.

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