The Frustration That Goes With Losing An Idea

A few weeks ago, there was a season favorite event for all people living in Japan: O-Hanami. It consists of going to a park sit under the cherry blossoms, eat and drink with friends and acquaintances.

The main event I took part in this year was with a total of 60 to 70 people. We enjoyed our time and drank quite a bit.

When leaving, under the influence of alcohol, I ended up starting a deep conversation with one of my friends. He started sharing a very personal worry he has and how he was trying to overcome it.

We had to cut it short all of a sudden due to the rain starting to be heavy but, as soon as we parted ways, I wrote down an idea that arose from the conversation for an article. I just wrote a few words thinking they’d be enough to bring me back in the mindset of said conversation.

Unfortunately, the next day, when I sat down planning on writing about said topic, I couldn’t remember what I wanted to put forward in my article.

All I could remember was the feeling of being inspired and honored to have been told his worries.

I tried to push my memory, reorganizing the afternoon in my head, but it was to no point. It simply could not come back to me.

It got me frustrated.

How could I not remember something that clearly got me inspired and motivated? How could I forget so quickly something so important to him?

This frustration got me stuck for a long time as I couldn’t get my head around this. I couldn’t find any idea to write about due to having such a strong will to write about the past day’s experience.

I took me hours but I finally got over it and wrote another article.

Losing such a good idea had got me disappointed in myself. But then I remembered I have had many days in the past for which I had planned an article and ended up changing it and being extremely satisfied with the “back-up” one.

It doesn’t matter how awful it can be, it won’t stay forever.

It seems experts say we have between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts per day. That’s a total of almost 22 million per year!

Losing an idea is basically like losing one of those. Thankfully, the sheer amount of thoughts is our safety net.

There are still between 59,999 and 79,999 other thoughts in which we can dig.

So, for anybody who feels frustrated because you forgot something that felt important, remember it won’t be the last time but that life has so many other things to offer. You will soon move on from it and continue your journey on the path you want.

As for me, I may have forgotten that idea in itself but, as life would have it, it evolved into this article!

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