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Writing regularly both for myself and others has made me addicted to the action itself. It doesn’t matter what happens during the day, I feel the need to write, to share and to spend this little bit of time working on myself.

However, as this is not an obligation and nobody is expecting me to do so, it sometimes dawns on me that there may be no proper improvement in my writing itself nor in my life as a whole.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy the time spent and can already appreciate deeply the brought to me thanks to this process.

This being said, I keep on reading articles about writing and ways to improve but it feels like I have been overlooking (purposely or not) one major advice:

Having at least one person to look up to and to exchange with in order to find my own way while improving thanks to many pieces of advice.

In order to do so, I would need to actually start exchanging more with other writers but this could mean to take time away from the actual task of writing.

Having started meditation a few months back, I am well aware of the fact that it sometimes is better to in order to be more productive afterwards but the fear of losing this writing bug has made me push this back time and time again.

In any way, I believe is the most important so that’s what I’ll do.

Yet, just a bit earlier, I was looking at my posts about writing and saw that all my posts from this year have been rather short, taking about 2 minutes to read. For this reason, I re-read the article I wrote a few months back about Writing Long Articles. While still rather short in comparison with other posts I’ve read around, this was still my longest one and, at the time of writing it, a calm reflection was done while doing some research on the side as well.

This has brought me to the idea of trying to in one topic here and there and see where it brings me.

As I created a draft schedule for about 2 weeks’ worth of posts, I will try to dig deeper in at least one of the topics I have planned for next week and will try to have one “deeper” article a week.

This has been quite the ramble and probably won’t be useful to anybody but this will serve as a note for future reference that 6 months of diary writing and a bit more than 3 months of public writing were enough to get me addicted to writing and put in it.

I guess I have the now and will need to feel at ease with it one day.

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