Why Positive Thinking is Crucial

You can be brought up in two ways: being positive or negative about life.

Some say that it is better to look at things negatively so that if it turns out badly, no expectation gets crushed while the happiness of succeeding will be even higher.

While this may be true in some cases, the problem with such mindset is that you won’t be able to open opportunities to yourself with a negative mindset.

There are thousands of opportunities that open themselves to us on a daily basis. Some may be smaller than others but they are still there. It may be a simple street we hadn’t seen that we find on a path we take daily and that ends up being a shortcut or a new app we fall onto and that could be better that the one we’ve been using for instance.

No matter your mindset, it is strictly impossible to react the right way to all of them. However, with a negative mindset, even a clear opportunity presenting itself to you may go unnoticed.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. — Willie Nelson

It is not only important to always keep a positive attitude, all stems from it and not having one will close many paths to you.

When thinking with a negative attitude, you not only automatically imagine the worst that can happen if you were to give a go to what comes to you, but also don’t even notice it. Things simply don’t register as opportunities anymore.

This even has an impact on opportunities that come to you and for which you’re not ready either way. With a positive mindset, you will look outside the box, overcome obstacles to find ways to make it work somehow while with a negative one, you will certainly just give up after a while.

Being positive makes you curious. It makes you want to learn more, to improve yourself and the world around you. The reason behind this is that you become more aware of the reason behind your shortcomings, of the small windows of opportunities to improve here and there, etc. and finally makes you more productive by setting goals and believing you can outperform all that you have planned for yourself.

“Failures” become “Experiences” and as such become an opportunity in disguise themselves. You analyze them and look for solutions instead of diving into the problems that happened. You can then learn from your mistakes instead of accepting them and moving on.

Finally, it is important to remember that positive thinking in itself does not only impact you, but also the people around you.

Just like a laugh, positivism is contagious.

It will spread around you and create a positive atmosphere of creativity, opportunities and happiness, and not only even more opportunities will appear but by being surrounded with positive people, you will also be supported and given advice as people are aware of the fact that you would do the same.

So be positive, think positively and rise to the innumerable opportunities that’ll come to you from now on.

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